Haiku poems by Maija Haavisto

These are written 2005-2009, though I've been interested in the haiku for well over a decade now. I currently have haiku for every season, except none for autumn. I find it very difficult to write poetry about the autumn that isn't overly clichéd.

Before you tell me that some of these are not haiku, please learn what haiku really is. I am quite pedantic about the haiku, and even though some of these might not be very "puristic" haiku (e.g. the last one does not have a proper season word), they are short poems expressing awe about the nature. This is what a haiku is. It does not have to be 5-7-5 (or even three lines). It does, however, have to be about the nature. My heart bleeds every time I see a haiku (or even worse, a haiku contest) which is a 5-7-5 poem that doesn't have anything to do with the nature. Many of these might qualify to be a senryu, but not a haiku.


(published in the Asahi Haikuist, though they misunderstood it consequently misprinted it, changing the entire meaning)

a buzzing jam
of the bumble bees

Summer's warmth

Asphalt barbeque -
ants hold a funeral
for the earthworm


White haiku
(won a haiku contest on DeviantART in 2007, also published in the Asahi Haikuist)

In place of
yesterday's snow
a white crocus

Yellow haiku
(Daily Deviation on DeviantART in July 2008)

Wind catches
the yellow sail
of the tulip

(participated in an acrostic haiku contest, but was disqualified for allegedly breaking the rules, even though it did not)

Morning rain;
appleflower still
yearns for bees


(Untitled pieces, written in 2005-2006 when I was still far too verbose with my haiku)


Rabbit footprints
sew a cross-stitch on
river's frozen quilt.


Pressed against
night's gaping mouth;
a handful of stars.