Photo gallery

All photos have been published with permission, with the exception of the photos taken by my friends in the 1990s.

A three-year old (July 1987, taken by my mom)
As an Easter witch (March or April 1989, taken by my mom)
Beginning to look like myself (1990, taken by an anonymous kindergaarten photographer)
I and my two-year old little sister (June 1996, taken by my dad)
13-year old (September 1997, taken by my dad)
Role clothing for a play (November 1997, taken by a friend of mine, can't remember who)
A hippie? (October 1998, probably taken by Annika Uddström)
Being introduced to the Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta (November 1998, taken by ?)
School picture from senior high school (fall 1999, taken by an anonymous school photographer)
Our class from senior high (fall 1999, taken by an anonymous school photographer)
I and Lauri (January 2000, taken by Ari Salmi)
Decorating a Christmas tree in a documentary film (December 2001, captured by Ismo Kiesiläinen from a videotape by Lauri Räty)
With a friend's evil cat (February 2002, taken by a webcam)
Ninnu Aijamaija, Aija and Maija (June 2002, taken by Niko Setälä)
Velvet is just lovely (December 2002, taken by me)
The two sisters again (February 2003, taken by me)
In a blue folklore dress (October 2003, taken by Seppo Vuolteenaho)
In Vondelpark, Amsterdam (December 2004, taken by Lauri Koponen)
Surrounded by lupines (July 2005, taken by Lauri Koponen)
On a picnic in Amsterdam (April 2006, taken by Lauri Koponen)
Smiling at home (January 2007, taken by Seppo Vuolteenaho)
With my new book (May 2007, taken by Ilpo)
Dressed up for friends' wedding (August 2008, taken by Lauri Koponen)
A portrait taken for the promotion of my Twitter book (October 2009, taken by Lauri Koponen)
A dreamy studio photo taken for a magazine interview (May 2010, taken by Klaus Welp for Voima)