Sociomedical essays

A bit of a background first: I started writing this sociomedical essay collection back in 2004. Back then a collection of essays seemed like a sensible format, even though I never intended to get it published or anything, just put it on the web. Had I got this idea later it probably would have turned into a blog.

I got frustrated in the project many times during these years, but since I had already written so much, I didn't want to abandon it. In the end I decided that no matter how crude, awkward, rambling or with ideas only partially developed, the essays must be finished by the end of 2011, and they were, even though I still edited them a bit in early 2012. Together they total about 13,000 words.

Seven years is way too long and if I did not set a strict deadline, I would spend forever just adding new thoughts and ideas (which would work in a blog format, but not so much in something like this). Even if the essays are somewhat unfinished, I figured it was better to publish them the way they are than to keep over 10 000 words (about 13 000 in the end) forever to myself, mulling over their incompletion and imperfection.

Many of these ideas have also found a home in my recently released medical textbook, which features a chapter about social implications and history of poorly understood chronic illnesses, as well as my magazine columns, but both of these are only in Finnish.

As these are essays, not scientific articles, they are not footnoted, but I will attempt to dig up references upon request (my medical textbooks are all fully referenced).


The Myth of Suicide
What Is Pro-Choice?
Evidence-Based Medicine
The Nature of Illness
Being Sick Is Wrong
Omnipresent Oppression
The Future of Society
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