Books by Maija Haavisto

The books that are in Finnish generally have their websites in Finnish, though some also have information in English. I am actively seeking international representation for all of my books currently only available in Finnish.

Perhonen vatsassa (A Stomach Butterfly)

When 15-year-old Tuulia falls ill with Crohn's disease, the most important thing is that her friends won't find out of the embarrassing symptoms. But the lies grow too big and she's not the only one hiding something.

ISBN: 978-952-315-364-6
Nordbooks 4/2018


Raskas vesi (Heavy Water)

My debut poetry collection, focusing on the themes of water and nuclear power. Also many poems on disability and chronic illness.

ISBN: 978-952-7063-38-5
Aviador 4/2018


Erityinen: tietoa erityisruokavalioista (Special: Facts about Special Diets)

The ABCs of special diets, from gluten-free to veganism, low-carb, paleo, religious dietary restrictions, histamine intolerance, SCD and many more. What to eat, how to cook it and how to replace ingredients.

ISBN: 978-952-3152-40-3
Nordbooks 10/2016



When all illnesses have supposedly been eradicated, even the common cold making a return may feel like a catastrophe. Aava maintains a game museum in Helsinki, but she finds her health may also be a pawn at a game.

ISBN: ISBN: 978-952-6642-71-0
Osuuskumma 9/2016

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Sisimmäinen (The Innermost)

Inari is a transwoman who used to work as a crime reporter. Now she has got a job at a sociopolitical women's magazine. She is itching to write an article about an activist group who studies the brain activity of animals, especially sheep. But things start going badly wrong and sometimes it might be for the best to not read animal's or people's thoughts.

ISBN: 978-952-2026-10-1
Myllylahti 2/2015

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Seeprakoiran seikkailut (Adventures of the Zebra Dog)

A children's book about kids who paint their dog as a zebra in hopes of filming a nature documentary, but things don't go as planned. Illustrated by Aura Ijäs.

ISBN: 978-952-3150-90-4
Nordbooks 2/2015

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Palsamoitu (Embalmed)

Marjaana is passionate about ancient Egypt. After her friend best friend Paula's unexpected death, she is on sick leave from her teaching job, but it turns out there are things more frightening than death.

ISBN: 978-952-5907-29-2
RADIUM-kirjat 10/2014

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Häpeämätön (Shameless)

A cripfic novel about Vesa, who records other people's speech and dreams of a career in radio, and his effervescent girlfriend Enna, a multimedia artist and human rights activist with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

ISBN: 978-952-5907-22-3
RADIUM-kirjat 12/2013

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Uusia hoitoja autoimmuunisairauksiin (New Treatments For Autoimmune Diseases)

A review of different treatments for autoimmune diseases, including medications (standard, lesser known and experimental ones), supplements, diets and more.

ISBN: 978-951-792-614-0
Finn Lectura 10/2013

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Makuuhaavoja (Bedsores)

A cripfic novel about Kai, who is bedridden because of chronic neurological illness. His travels and linguistics studies have been put infinitely on hold. But Kai's hyperacusis (noise sensitivity) together with his wild imagination open him a door into his neighbours' lives.

ISBN: 978-952-5907-13-1
Muruja 12/2012

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Hankala potilas vai hankala sairaus: tietoa huonosti tunnetuista pitkäaikaissairauksista (Difficult Patient or Difficult Illness: Information about Poorly Known Chronic Illnesses)

Information about controversial, commonly misdiagnosed or otherwise poorly known chronic illnesses, their symptoms, treatments and diagnostic tests and sociological aspects of chronic conditions and their recognition.

ISBN: 978-951-792-506-8
Finn Lectura 11/2011

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Marian ilmestyskirja (Maria's Book of Revelations)

A cripfic novel about Maria, who suddenly gets ill at 11 and uses a wheelchair into adulthood. A gripping and wrenching story about otherness caused by disability and other things.

ISBN: 978-952-5907-05-6
Muruja 10/2011

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CFS:n ja fibromyalgian hoito

Finnish version of Reviving the Broken Marionette: a medical textbook featuring pharmaceuticals available in Finland that can be used in the treatment of CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia. Foreword by professor, sleep researcher Olli Polo.

ISBN: 978-951-792-457-3
Finn Lectura 5/2010


Näin käytät Twitteriä

First book about Twitter in Finnish. Unlike many books which focus on the technical side of Twitter and related services, this book also gives plenty of ideas and tips on how - and why - to use Twitter for companies, journalists, non-profits, teachers, travellers and many other groups of people. Out of print, though an electronic version is still available.

ISBN: 978-951-792-439-9
Finn Lectura 11/2009


The Atlas Moth

Infused with black humor, The Atlas Moth is an unsurvival story about death, Chinese checkers and butterfly collections and how they all tie together.

ISBN: 978-1-4092-7281-6

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Original Finnish version of The Atlas Moth.

ISBN: 978-952-92-4698-4


Reviving the Broken Marionette: Treatments for CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia

A medical textbook featuring over 250 medications used in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and fibromyalgia.

ISBN: 978-1-4092-0335-3

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Kroonisen väsymysoireyhtymän hoito

Original Finnish version of Reviving the Broken Marionette. No longer available.

ISBN: 978-1-8475-3464-4