__  __       _  _       _          _    ____   ____ ___ ___              _   
|  \/  | __ _(_)(_) __ _( )___     / \  / ___| / ___|_ _|_ _|   __ _ _ __| |_
| |\/| |/ _` | || |/ _` |// __|   / _ \ \___ \| |    | | | |   / _` | '__| __|
| |  | | (_| | || | (_| | \__ \  / ___ \ ___) | |___ | | | |  | (_| | |  | |_
|_|  |_|\__,_|_|/ |\__,_| |___/ /_/   \_\____/ \____|___|___|  \__,_|_|   \__|

ASCII art means pictures created using only ASCII characters (not ANSI or high ASCII) and which can be viewed with every fixed-width font, like Courier, Fixedsys, or Topaz. Like the ones here. Every drawing is created by me (except the title, it's made by Figlet server.) I use many programs, like Jave, Windows Notepad and ACiDDraw. You can use these pictures freely, if you leave my initials (mh) in them. Of course, it would be great, if you emailed me first.

I also started making ANSI in July 2000. My very first ANSI picture "Devil in disguise" placed 7th in the Assembly 2k ANSI compo. Another one, "Isoäiti, miksi sinulla on niin suuret silmät" ended up 12th in the Lobotomia '02 graphics compo (but besides the picture quality, the poor rank might also be explained with the fact that it was a compo with mostly hires 2D and 3D).

In February 2001 I found something very interesting when I was packing my possessions to be moved to my own flat. There was a paper, perhaps 9-10 years old, written by me using a typewriter. It had big letters saying "M E" - composed of characters. My first text art! I don't have a scanner at home, so I reconstructed the picture using notepad and replaced the characters with dollar signs to make it ASCII. It's here. But the tradition didn't end, at Assembly '02 AltParty held an analogue ASCII competition (meaning ASCII with pen and graph paper!) and I came second with my picture "Come to teddy".


There are three subsections to this page:

Smaller images (updated 28th March 2007)
ASCII Pokédex (updated 6th June 2005)
ASCII tutorial / Tutorial de arte ASCII (updated 5th April 2005)

Evolution - an ASCII art movie

I have also made an ASCII art animation/slideshow titled "Evolution" by Numedia Cyclops. It won the technology video competition at the Alternative Party 2008 in October 2008. You can watch it on YouTube. A GIF animation version is also available (about 200 KB, 68 seconds and looping infinitely), which is exactly the same thing, just in the original resolution (720x576) and without the music.

The animation was made with JavE, Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop. All the frames are drawn by hand, except for the Evolution text and the text in the transition scenes, which are by Figlet (mostly because I was running short of time). I had to use FixedsysTTF, which is slightly different from the real Fixedsys, mostly when it comes to vertical alignment of characters.

Big ASCII pictures

The following are bigger pictures fairly chronologically from 1997 to 2013. The ones marked with an asterisk are supposed to be viewed white on black, so most users need to select the text or use ACiDView or something. Some are displayed as PNG images, because they are drawn in MS-DOS using the full 80 characters per line (which means that some lines do not contain terminal linebreaks and look mangled on other operating systems).

A woman's face. I spent many hours drawing it. Many thanks to Veronica and Shimrod for diddling it.
The logo from the movie "William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet". It would make a good figlet font too...
The famous balcony scene from "Romeo and Juliet". Minor diddles from llizard.
Tortoises of any kind dead ones, captain ones, tourist ones
Camp scene where I'm grilling a marshmallow
A hippie - peace and love
Pics of me in different clothes, created one late night on Veronica's chat.
A hugging couple, originally created for the a.a.a. Christmas calendar.
An alien, humanoid, extraterrestial being, whatever
A fairy
The rest intentionally left blank, 5th in ASCII/ANSI compo at Evoke 2002
Fuji Blossoms, 2nd in ASCII compo at Error in Line 2003
Mahtava misu 1st in ASCII compo at Icecube 2003 (also appeared in the popular movie Me and You and Everyone We Know)
Flutterby for the ASCII compo at IGDRP 2003 (the results disappeared)
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, 5th in PC ASCII/ANSI compo at Evoke 2003
DeviantART logo for the Art of the Threes competition
Fella Halloween Style, the DeviantART mascot for the FHS competition
Osama Bin Laden, published in Altmag #2
The ASCIIfied logo of the Breakpoint demoparty
An ASCII logo for the Hugi diskmag
Eden*, my first abstract-ish design, 2nd in ASCII compo at IGDRP 2004
Shellout, 4th in Inanimate Visual compo at Altstork 2004
Follow your heart, 4th in unofficial ASCII/ANSI compo at Assembly 2004
Planet Risk, an *.nfo logo for Andromeda Software Development's demo
Crimsonweed, 7th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2004
Pilgrimage to Egypt, 3rd in ANSI/ASCII compo at Pilgrimage 2004
Seasons, 1st in ASCII animation compo at AADN 2004 (as the only entry)
Black Birdie, ?th in ASCII compo at Black Birdie 2004
Dark Domain, 3rd on EFnet Christmas #asciicompo 2004
Amolerouth, a dedicated "fan art piece" of an imaginary Pokémon
Hästen som Hösten, a co-op between me and MegaMies (who drew the logo), 2nd in ASCII compo at Deadline 2007 (held in 2005 in spite of the name)
Currywurst, 3rd in ASCII compo at Motorola Inside 2005 (the logo word was preset)
Jark the ASCII Jedi, another DeviantART themed ASCII
Mutsis, an ASCII logo published in the PEN15-06 artpack
Tribe of Evoke, 9th in ANSI/ASCII compo at Evoke 2005
Springbreak*, a co-op between me and jSepia, 1st in ANSI/ASCII compo at Pilgrimage 2005
Matteo the Pug, another DeviantART themed ASCII (my first grayscale picture)
BGparty - Alpacas in danger, ?th in ASCII compo at BGparty 2005
Astraaliomena, ?th in El Compo at Altparty's Think Different 2006
BASS in the jungle*, ?th in unofficial ANSI/ASCII compo at Breakpoint 2006
Stranger, 1st in ANSI/ASCII compo at DiHalt 2006
Birdie for the ASCII compo at Birdie 2006
Sensory Flood*, 1st in inanimate compo at Altstork 2006
Stripetease*, 4th in ANSI/ASCII compo at Evoke 2006
ASCII pizza with ham, olives, mushrooms and artichokes
Crop that circle for the unofficial ANSI/ASCII compo at Breakpoint 2007 (which was cancelled)
Sunblockparty, 3rd in ANSI/ASCII compo at Blockparty 2007
<3*, 3rd in ASCII compo at DiHalt 2007
Summer Soles, 1st in summer-themed ASCII compo at ArtWay 2007
Black Current*, 8th in ANSI/ASCII compo at Evoke 2007 (and also my 10th ASCII anniversary piece)
Riverwash*, 2nd in the ASCII compo at Riverwash 2007
The Axis of Evil*, 2nd in ASCII compo at tUM 2007
Digital Gardening, 3rd in ASCII compo at Breakpoint 2008
Zeabra, 4th in ASCII compo at Blockparty 2008
Babushka, 2nd in ASCII compo at DiHalt 2008
Visual evoked potentials, 12th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2008
Buenzli Mountains, 7th in ASCII compo at Buenzli 2008
Steam Penguin, a part of the art exhibition at the steampunk-themed Altparty 2008
Nelson Rockefeller, for a New York Times NY governor portrait contest
Vague logos for an Amiga diskmag called Vague
Controlpoint 2009 - The Bingen Brother, 9th in ASCII/ANSI compo at Breakpoint 2009
Blockparty - The Hero Edition, 3rd in textmode graphics compo at Blockparty 2009
DiHalt Owl, 2nd in ASCII compo at DiHalt 2009
Evoke for ASCII compo at Evoke 2009 (not shown due to organizers' mistake)
Brainstem, 2nd in ASCII compo at Buenzli 2009
Bicameral Mind, a mixed media piece (ASCII art & watercolor), a part of the art exhibition at the cyberpunk-themed Altparty 2009 (see the ASCII art alone)
Blockparty - gray matter*, 1st in ASCII compo at Blockparty 2010
Eau de ASCII, 8th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2010
Susan Buenzli*, 1st in ASCII compo at Buenzli 2010
Down with the Sun, 5th in ASCII compo at Sundown 2010
Evoke Featherlight, 2nd in ASCII compo at Evoke 2011
Evoke Fire & Ice, 10th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2012
I Heart Evoke, 9th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2013
Spiral Recursion, 2nd in combined graphics compo at Récursion 2013
Triassic Evoke, 12th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2014
Licht my fire, 5th in ASCII compo at Nordlicht 2014
Rob's Perpetual Birthday Dream, 14th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2015
False Color Demo Scene, 10th in PC ascii compo at Evoke 2016
NEW! One Day In Mexico, 15th in ASCII compo at Evoke 2017

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